Companion Care

Why Companion Care for Seniors is Extra Important in the Winter!

It’s the dead of winter here in Iowa once again. That means lots of cloudy gray days, lots of snow and Ice, and lots of cold temperatures. By this point in the winter, I think many of us begin looking forward to spring once again! Does the winter bring your mood a bit down?

Our C Care Services

Many people are familiar with Everyday Helper because of our house cleaning and pet sitting services, but we offer several other services as well. One of those other services is senior c care. Learn more about how Everyday Helper began and how senior c care became so important to us below. How Everyday Helper Started

What Companion Care Has Taught Me

One of my favorite services that we offer with Everyday Helper is senior companion care. As I’ve shared before, it is really the service that started this whole business. I absolutely love helping others and getting to learn from and connect with others. While I knew this was something that I wanted to be able

Why I love Companion Care

Companion care is easily one of my favorite services offered through Everyday Helper. As I’ve said before, it was really the service that started the whole business and is the service I am most passionate about.