It’s the dead of winter here in Iowa once again. That means lots of cloudy gray days, lots of snow and Ice, and lots of cold temperatures. By this point in the winter, I think many of us begin looking forward to spring once again!

Does the winter bring your mood a bit down? Or do you get a bit anxious being stuck indoors all day? I know both of those things happen to me!

So why is companion care for seniors extra important in the winter?

Studies show that depression increases in seniors age 65 and older by 54% during the winter months in the Midwest.

Seniors are more confined than ever in the winter. The risk of falling on the ice and breaking bones isn’t worth it. Braving the cold to go out and about just doesn’t seem doable. And for many, being in public places were they’re exposed to cold and flu germs that will take a toll on their body isn’t a good idea either.

That’s where we can help at Everyday Helper. Our team of helpers love getting to go spend time with your loved ones! We’ll play board games, work on puzzles, have a conversation over coffee, take care of errands and household chores, and more. We’ll come into their homes and spend time with them, help them out, and lift their spirits during the dreary months.

Our companion care service is completely customizable which means that we can assist in almost any non-medical way that could be beneficial to your loved ones. Want to learn more about how we can help? Send an email to Kelly at Kelly@youreverydayhelper.com and let’s chat!

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