Here Are All The Ways You Could Save

For some, the idea of a house cleaner might conjure up images of a live-in maid doing turndown service for king-sized suites in mansions and country estates. After all, the luxury of having someone come clean your home has long been thought of as just that–a luxury. But, the truth is, house cleaning services can be an affordable and convenient option for households looking to save time, money, and sanity in a busy, modern world.

Save Time

House cleaning is a real chore, one that can feel like it never ends if it’s waiting for you at the end of each workday. Americans are working more and longer hours than ever, so free time is precious and often gets eaten up by things like housework. No matter what your occupation is or what kind of lifestyle you have, your time is valuable. Adding another person to your “team”, even if it’s just for a couple of hours out of the month, can help to give you back more of that time. Whether you spend it on the couch or on hobbies you’ve had to put off, giving you the opportunity for a healthier work-life balance instead of spending the weekend trying to decide whose turn it is to clean the toilet.

Save Peace of Mind

Spending less time focusing on cleaning the house doesn’t just give you more time to spend, it can help reduce stress and improve your mood too. While there is sometimes a perception that having a house cleaner is something only the ultra-rich or well-off have, more and more people are hiring house cleaning services for the convenience it provides. We’re willing to pay a little more for delivery services, online shipping, and fast food for convenience; why not a house cleaning service as well?

Studies show that people feel better when they put their money towards services that help to give them more free time versus material goods, even though they may not consistently spend that way. It may be easier to justify filling your space with more “stuff”, but to get more bang for your buck you should think about getting that space cleaned first!

You might be surprised to find that a house cleaning service could even help your relationships at home. When Dana McMahan, a contributing writer at NBC News, finally gave in and hired a house cleaner she soon realized something was missing from her home: the arguing. Weekly disagreements over whose turn it was to do the dishes or fold the laundry disappeared, replaced by relief. “For the first time, my husband and I fell into an easy routine of keeping things picked up,” she wrote, describing their new schedule with weekly visits from a house cleaner.

If cleaning up around the house is creating constant tension between you and your spouse or keeping you from spending invaluable time with your kids, a house cleaner can help reduce some of that stress and establish a routine. You may find that the reliability of having someone come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even just during times of the year you know you need an extra pair of hands becomes a comfort.

Save Money

Hiring a house cleaner does mean some amount of extra budgeting, but, believe it or not, you might end up saving money in the long run. Regular cleanings can extend the life of carpets, flooring, and fixtures by years and help avoid costly replacements. Homeowners and people with costly furniture pieces and heirlooms could benefit from house cleaning services, and maybe get a better appreciation for the phrase “time is money” along the way. The better care we can give our homes the longer we can enjoy them together.

Some of us may have heard similar words and warnings from doctors and nurses: take care of yourself now so you have more time and in life enjoyment later. It’s not too far off to say that paying for house cleaning services don’t just contribute to the health of our homes, but our overall health as well. Aside from sanitization and general cleanliness, having a regular house cleaning service can help reduce stress. From heart problems to mental health issues to musculoskeletal damage, stress can take a physical toll on the body. Meanwhile, having a clean or more organized house is associated not only with less stress but with more restful sleep and better focus. Princeton University researchers found that clutter can overwhelm us and make it harder to complete tasks, while a 2010 study Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that cluttered homes were associated with higher cortisol levels, a hormone related to stress.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still on the edge about committing to a cleaning service, there are a few ways to break down whether a home cleaning service is a right option for you. First, think about how much time you spend cleaning your home and how you clean it. Examine whether you’re able to get your house clean in one go or whether it seems to stretch out over the entire week. Here are some questions you can ask yourself while you think about your cleaning routine:

leather couch beside lampshade
  • How much time am I paying myself to deal with cleaning my house?
  • What is my labor worth?
  • Would my time be spent better doing something else?
  • Is cleaning something I have a hard time with specifically?
  • Is cleaning something I have a hard time with RIGHT NOW (because of a pregnancy, birth, death in the family, vacation, life change, etc.)?
  • How much would the convenience or relief be worth to me?
  • How am I spending that money to get that relief in other ways?

Paying for a house cleaning service can be a big decision for a household, but it doesn’t have to be a costly fantasy. If you think hiring a house cleaner may save you the time you need to breathe easy, consider reaching out to us for a free consultation. Fill out our contact us form here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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