I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited that tomorrow is Monday!Snapchat-259268533635192745

And now I’m sure that you’re thinking I’m crazy……But let me explain!

I’ve been on bed rest for the past 5 days fighting off some nasty bugs going around and today is the last day of my antibiotics and steroids and tomorrow, I am free to resume life once again!

I haven’t been knocked down that hard by my health in a long time….nor have I felt that defeated in a long time. A cold, sinus infection, fever, double ear infection, intestinal virus, and Crohn’s Disease flare up had me feeling pretty miserable for a few days. So miserable that I hardly stayed awake or got out of bed much the past few days.

And sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan.

I fell ill only 2 days before I was supposed to be embarking on my first vacation in many years. A 5-day vacation out to Colorado. But, I swapped that 5-day vacation out west for a 5-day bedridden stay-cation. A stay-cation that not only had me stuck in bed but that ended up costing me money at the doctor’s, pharmacy, buying a new shower head, and even 4 new tires….yup, new tires was my unexpected surprise today! And of course part of my vacation was already paid for as well. Needless to say, life didn’t go according to plan this past week. But, that’s ok!

Today I’m just feeling extremely thankful to be up and moving more than I have since last Wednesday. I’m thankful to be regaining my health, and I’m thankful for all those incredible people in my life who have checked in on me this past week. I’m thankful that I made it without being admitted to the hospital which is a pretty big deal! And I’m thankful that I ended up going to the doctor before leaving on vacation instead of just letting it go and hoping for the best.

As I prepare for my book launch, July 8thof “Lessons from Living with Crohn’s Disease” I realize that this is all just another lesson learned. A lesson filled with life’s reminders.

A reminder that no matter how busy my schedule is, I have to take care of myself by getting enough rest, eating right, and so forth. A reminder to be grateful for all of the good that always remains no matter what. And a reminder to always remember to just go with it in life. Whatever happens, will happen.

Snapchat-1198386155439399343After all, we may not always be in control of what happens to us, but we all always have control over how we respond.

My health may try to defeat me and win over and over again, but it never will. I refuse to ever back down and give up the fight. So for now, I’m sitting back and smiling at another battle won.

While I did enjoy the extra rest, time to read, and time to watch tv and movies, I’m just too active of a person to sit around for too long! But, as miserable as I was, I needed this relaxation and these little reminders. And I guess I had to be knocked down to learn these lessons. Life works in mysterious ways sometimes!

As far as Everyday Helper goes, you’ll likely see me around town Monday and Tuesday this week as I’m not about to sit around the house any longer. But, I have decided to keep the last 2 remaining days of my “vacation” to myself with a cleared schedule and so those gracious helpers who stepped in to help while I was away, will still be helping out this week until I am back at it on Wednesday!

Happy Sunday!

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