It’s mid summer here in Iowa which means that some days it gets pretty hot and humid! Add in the harsh sun rays beating down on you outside, and it can feel pretty uncomfortable. And while it may feel uncomfortable to us humans, don’t forget to consider how the weather is affecting your pets.

Here are some of our summer pet care safety tips:

Is the cement too hot for your dog’s paws?

If you can’t stand outside barefoot on the cement without feeling like your feet are burning, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. This is our number one safety tip for the summer months and we always are mindful of this when we do our pet sitting and dog walking visits during the heat of the day.

Summer Haircuts:

If your dog spends lots of time outside during the summer months, make sure that you give it a nice and cool summer haircut. Dogs that require haircuts pack in extra heat with all of that weighted hair on their body and in the summer months this can mean that their body temps rise to dangerous levels which will make them sick, cause them to overheat, and more. On the flip side though, don’t forget that your dog can get sunburned too if you cut their hair too short!

Water, Shade, and Rest

Just like humans on hot summer Iowa days, dogs need lots of water, shade and rest so that that they don’t overheat and get sick. Always make sure that you’re mindful of these things in the summer months. If your dog spends lots of time outside in your backyard, make sure there are shady and cool areas to rest and leave out an extra bowl of water in the shade too!

Leave your pets at home and not in your car

We all know this, but it’s always a good reminder. Just like children in the hot and sunny summer months, pets should never be left in your car alone….even if it’s just for a quick few minutes….and even if you leave the windows cracked or down. Temperatures rise even faster in a car and are often 20-30 degrees higher than the outside temperature in just as little as 5 minutes with little to no air flow.

Backyard party safety

In the summer months it’s very common to have a grill out or bonfire in the backyard with friends and family. And we all want our pets to be a part of the fun too! Don’t forget to be aware of your pets safety though just as you are aware of the safety of your other guests. Open flames, hot surfaces, and more are things to keep your pets away from so that they don’t get hurt!


At Everyday Helper we are always mindful of your pets safety year round. That means that on days when the heat index and temps are too high and the sun is shinning too much, we may have to get creative with our pet care visits. If we can’t stand barefoot on the cement without feeling uncomfortable, we won’t walk your dog on the cement because we don’t want to burn their paws!  That means on those days that we either will walk/play in the grass or spend some time together indoors after a potty break outside!

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