Meet our May pet of the month, Izzy!

Izzy is the newest addition to our Everyday Helper and we couldn’t be more excited to have another puppy to look after! It is so much fun watching our puppy clients grow up, learn new tricks, and grow into their own personalities!

We first met Izzy just a few weeks ago at the beginning of April when her parent’s brought her to her new home! She is a golden-doodle who looks like a little snugly teddy bear! Izzy’s parent’s found Everyday Helper when trying to figure out how they could keep Izzy at home during the day while they both are busy professionals and gone a lot.

Izzy is already well advanced in training and is already potty trained for the most part. We have been working on her sitting skills as well and she’s learning fast!

Izzy loves playing in the backyard as she is trying to master the game of catch…even though most of her toys are quite big for her yet! She also loves climbing up on human jungle gyms so that she can give you some adorable puppy kisses!

We love spending time daily with this little cutie! Welcome to the family, Izzy!


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