This past year, not one, but both of my older siblings got married! Yes, it was a very busy year for our family! My brother got married in June and my sister got married in September here in Coralville and had her reception at South Slope in North Liberty. This was an exciting day for many reasons, not only was I my sister’s maid of honor but my team of Everyday Helpers got to be apart of this memorable day with me. So how did the team help on my sister’s big day?

The day before the wedding team Everyday Helper spent the afternoon at South Slope helping the families and the wedding party with the set up and decorating needs. We put on chair and table covers, we tied the ribbons on the backs of all of the chairs, we set up the backdrop, we steamed the curtains and table cloths, we helped set up the table center pieces, we helped move things around such as tables, lights, and other decorations, and most of all- the team was there to help out in any way that they could. Having extra sets of hands there definitely saved us all from the stress of getting things ready, and made the day go a lot smoother and faster so that we could get on to getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.

The day of the wedding the team headed over to South Slope while we were all at the church for the ceremony. They helped with the kitchen crew get everything prepped and set up on the buffet tables, they lit the candles on the tables, and they walked around making sure that everything was ready from the gift table, to the trash cans placed and ready to be filled.

During the evening of the reception the team then helped manage the cake and donut wall. Yes, my sister married a police officer so they had a wall with pegs that had a variety of donuts hanging on it! They kept the donut wall stocked, and plates of sliced cake ready for the guests.

Some of the team also walked around and helped the elderly guests get their food and drinks, they walked around throughout the evening clearing plates from the tables as they became empty, and they were able to clean up any spills from the kids, grab any extra napkins or silverware for guests already seated, and so on. The also kept their eyes on the drink tables and made sure that there were no spills and that the drinks were well stocked. And of course they kept their eyes on the trash cans and emptied them as needed because no one wants an overflowing trash can in their wedding pictures!

After the reception had ended the team assisted the family and wedding party in the tear down process. Given that like most venues, you have to be out by a certain time, and not to mention by that point in the evening you’re pretty wore out, the extra hands were much appreciated. They helped take off the table cloths and chair covers and folded them neatly in the containers, they cleaned and stacked the charger plates, the packaged up the flowers and centerpieces, they stacked the chairs and tables as needed, they helped load up the cars with all of the decorations, flowers and gifts, they took out all of the trash, they helped clean up the kitchen, and most of all- they helped make sure that nothing was left behind at the end of the night!

Having not only previously attended many weddings but having helped with catering of weddings for 4 years prior to Everyday Helper, I was impressed with how smoothly the evening went with the help of the Your Everyday Helper team at the reception. Having the extra sets of hands available to jump in and help as needed all night long made family members able to relax and enjoy the day and evening like all the others. It also took a lot of the pressure and stress off of the bride and groom! And I have to say, it was a pretty incredible feeling to be setting up at the head table looking out at the reception and seeing our team of helpers out there!

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