Most of us use our vehicles every day, so sometimes we don’t notice how dirty they have gotten on the inside. It is easy to leave water bottles, coffee cups, clothes, and other items laying around your car. If you are thinking that your car could use a good clean, check out our best tips below.

Tips for Cleaning Your Car

  • Empty Your Car of Unnecessary Possessions – I was talking above about all the things we leave in our car. These things clutter up your space, so it is a good idea to move your possessions back into your home where they belong.
  • Clean the Inside of Your Windshield – This is something you should do quite frequently. The inside of your windshield gets dusty and dirty pretty easily. This can actually hinder your visibility while driving, so it is important to keep the inside of your windshield clean.
  • Dust Your Car – Your steering wheel and front displays in your car tend to collect dust. Get a wet towel and wipe these off!
  • Vacuum Your Car – Last, but certainly not least, you will want to vacuum the inside of your vehicle. It is amazing how quickly the dirt and dust can collect, so you will want to be sure you do this regularly.

Those were our best tips for cleaning the interior of your car. Check out some tips for keeping your car clean below.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Cleaning your car is only half the battle. It is also really important to try to keep your car clean for longer, so you don’t have to clean out your car as often. Check out our best tips for keeping your car clean for longer below.

  • Clean up Food Immediately – Some people don’t allow food or eating in their car. That is a great way to help keep your car clean. However, if you don’t want to go quite that far, you can simply have a rule about cleaning up your any food wrappers or bags immediately after you snack in the car.
  • Don’t Leave Extra Items in Your Car – I can always tell when I’ve been driving a lot because I will have extra clothes, water bottles, and books in the back of my car. If you are like this, get in the habit of emptying your car every time you get home. Then, it will be less daunting to clean, and it will stay clean longer.
  • Clean Your Car More Regularly – If you do a quick clean of your car more regularly, it will not take as long to clean it out. This will help you maintain a clean for longer, so it is a good idea to get in the habit of.

We hope these tips will help you get a clean car. This will be beneficial for wherever the road takes you this summer. As always if you need any extra cleaning help, reach out to us at Everyday Helper because we would be happy to help.

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