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The first day of spring in 2018 was Tuesday, March 20th. That means it is time for some spring cleaning!

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “spring cleaning” all your life because, well, it’s just something people say (even if it’s not something they actually do). Where does the idea of spring cleaning come from? Why are we supposed to do it?

Where Spring Cleaning Comes From

There are a few different places where the concept of spring cleaning may come from. This tradition of spring cleaning could come from Iran, the Jewish people or even from China.

In Iran, they celebrate their new year on March 21st. This new year celebration (Nowruz) encompasses many traditions like completely cleaning your house to make it fresh and renewed for the new year.

Another “spring cleaning” tradition comes from the Jewish people. Just before Passover, Jews have a tradition of cleaning their home. This is because Passover involves a tradition of eating only unleavened bread, and the people have to clean out any leavened food before Passover starts. Though different from the Iranian tradition, this is another place spring cleaning may have originated from.

In addition to these two cultures, the Chinese have a tradition of spring cleaning. Similar to the Iranians, the Chinese have a tradition of cleaning their homes for the new year. The Chinese clean away back luck and misfortune by cleaning their homes. They believe that the physical cleaning of their home will give them a clean slate for the new year.

Do You Have a Tradition of Spring Cleaning?

Maybe spring cleaning as we currently think of it came from one of these cultures. Maybe we like to do spring cleaning because the days get longer and there seems to be more time to do the tasks we need to. Maybe spring cleaning is simply a way to have a fresh start the way nature does.

Regardless of why we do spring cleaning, it is a nice tradition to have. It is nice to be able to have a home that’s a bit cleaner and more organized (at least for a while). You should think about incorporating the tradition of spring cleaning into your life!

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