Using Our Cleaning Checklist in Your Home

We have written on our blog before about our cleaning checklist. It is a comprehensive 50-point checklist that includes all areas of a house.

You may be wondering, though, if we actually use this cleaning checklist when we are in the homes themselves. The answer is yes!

One of our clients asks us to do occasional cleaning before holidays or when family is coming to town. This client sent us the cleaning checklist with specific areas highlighted for exactly the type of cleaning that needs to be done.

So, when I went to clean her home recently, I took the highlighted list with me. I went from room to room, confident that I was doing exactly what our client wanted and getting her house ready for her family to arrive.

One of the great things about Everyday Helper, is we completely personalize your services. We will give you exactly what you want and none of what you don’t.

The cleaning checklist is a great way to help us key in on specific areas you need cleaner in your home. Just because we have a long cleaning list, doesn’t mean all the factors on it will apply to you. On the other hand, our cleaning checklist may not cover some areas you want us to hit.

We allow you the opportunity to take the list, and you can pick and choose which areas of the list are most important to you, and you can even add to the list if there is something else you need done that isn’t on the list. This is our way of to make sure you are happy with how your house is cleaned every time it is done.

Want to personalize our cleaning list to your house? Contact us, and we can help you out!

We can also arrange a free meet and greet, so you can get to know the helper that will be working in your home. The meet and greet will also allow us to get a sense of your home and how long the cleaning will take.

With other cleaning services, your house may be treated like just one of the many, but with Everyday Helper we want to get to know you and your needs. We use our meet and greets and our personalized cleaning lists to make sure you and your home get exactly the care they need.

If you want some cleaning done during this holiday season, you can reach out to us at 319-400-1853 or kelly@youreverydayhelper.com

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