Sunday is my favorite day of the week for so many reasons.  Typically Sunday’s are the one day of the week where I schedule nothing. It also usually is the most productive day of the week and yet the most relaxing day of the week. I spend the day getting caught up on all of the household chores, preparing for the upcoming week, and my favorite part, relaxing.

Since starting Everyday Helper, I’ve learned how important it is to make time for myself to simply relax and recharge. My weeks (like many others) are quite chaotic. Between juggling a part time job, owning a business, and all of the responsibilities, I am on the go from early in the morning until late in the evening most days.

We often live such busy lives that we tend to put our own needs last. What I’ve learned though is that if I don’t make time for myself, I get burnt out and then am not fully able to give my all. Now I make it a daily priority to spend a little bit of time relaxing; even if only for a few minutes.

Typically on Sunday’s (weather permitting) I spend a few hours outdoors. Being in nature is one of the best ways I can relax. I love going for a long bike ride on Sunday’s knowin
g that I have no time limit and nothing else that needs my attention. I also end every Sunday with either some TV or reading in bed. It’s a rare bliss to have time for either and I look forward to this time all week!

Going into the holiday season, our lives are about to get even busier than they are already. Don’t forget to make some time for you, even if it’s only a few minutes. Unwind, recharge, relax, and be thankful for these little blessings in life.

May the week ahead treat you well and don’t forget to be thankful for it!


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