It’s been a long winter and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited for the change of seasons! I love spring for many reasons, but one of which is the chance to do some spring cleaning! Yes, I said cleaning excites me! There’s something about the extra sunshine, warmer temps, and even being able to open up the windows for fresh air that suddenly makes me want to deep clean my home.

Spring Cleaning-Why Do It!

Spring cleaning originally started as a way to clean away winter’s mess. Way back in the day homes were heated by fires, and doors were kept shut tight to keep the warm air in which led to soot and grime accumulating around the home during the cold months. These days, we don’t have to worry about that with modern heated homes. Yet, many still find themselves doing a deep spring cleaning of their home.

What are some of the perks to spring cleaning?

  1. You and your home will be healthier by removing the built up allergens in the places that you don’t frequently clean.
  2. You’ll get the chance to purge your home of belongings that no longer are needed or wanted. This will boost your mood, give a sense of more peace in your space, and as an extra perk- you can make some extra money! And hey, you may even find some of those items you’ve been searching for!
  3. You’ll feel happier knowing that you’ve FINALLY tackled those items that never seem to move off of your never ending to-do list
  4. Tackling the deep cleaning items in your home that need done will help make the rest of your home cleaning easier to maintain
  5. You’ll be ready to entertain and have company over to your house without worrying about how it looks!

Maybe you’re still not as excited as I am about spring cleaning. That’s ok though because there’s another option for you! Myself and my team of helpers would love the opportunity to come into your home and get it looking it’s best for you this spring! Call us at 319-400-1853 and we can get it taken care of you!

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