Need some inspiration to start your spring cleaning off with a bang? We have some more cleaning tips for you from one of our Helpers!

We’ve asked Erika and Judy for their best cleaning tips, now it’s time to hear from our Helper Jenny. Check out her best cleaning and decluttering tips below!

Cleaning Products

On the topic of cleaning products, Jenny tells us, “I’m not sure I have favorite cleaning products. I tend to use what is around me at the time. However, I know you can make natural cleaning products with common household items like vinegar and baking soda. In my experience, those products work pretty well and they are cheaper than most cleaning products you would buy from the store!”

Cleaning Tips

Next, we talked about the areas of the home that Jenny thinks are most important to stay on top of. She thinks it is really important to keep your kitchen clean. For her, when her kitchen is clean, she feels lighter and happier. She admits that sometimes she doesn’t want to clean or put away dishes, but she always feels better when she does because the area is less cluttered. She loves going into a clean kitchen to start cooking, and she loves leaving a clean kitchen when the day is coming to a close.

As for other areas, she thinks it is also important to keep your bathrooms clean for sanitary reasons. Also, if your bedroom is slightly organized and your bed is made, it is said to make people a little happier, so that is an important area as well.

Next, let’s talk about how to keep your home cleaner for longer. Jenny tells us, “I heard some

one say once, if a task takes less than a minute to do, you should do it right away, so it won’t multiply. Think of the dishes for example. It would only take you about 30 seconds to wash off your dinner

plate, but if you wait until you have 20 plates and bowls stacked up the job is going to take a lot longer, and it will feel harder.”

So, her best tip for keeping things cleaner for longer is to do any job that takes less than a minute right away. That way you keep up with things, and you won’t have as much to do later.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips

As far as decluttering goes, Jenny likes to take a preventative approach. She tries not to acquire things that she doesn’t need. She doesn’t often go shopping, and she tries not to buy to many things. Because she doesn’t own too many things, she doesn’t have to spend too much time decluttering.

The one exception to her rule is she buys a lot of books. She loves to read, so she often buys too many books to the point where they are overflowing her bookshelf (however, if she ever needs to declutter her bookshelf, she just gives her books to her sister).

So, her best tip for decluttering is to ask yourself if you really love the thing you are thinking of purchasing. If you don’t love the piece of clothing or piece of furniture, don’t buy it. You will either find something better or decide you never really needed it in the first place.

We hope you enjoyed these cleaning tips from Jenny. Let us know if you’d like to set up a free consultation for a house cleaning from Everyday Helper!

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