Meet Molly!

Miss Molly is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met! I first met Molly a few years ago when her family went away on vacation over the holidays. Molly runs the house with her two furry cat sisters when the family is away.

Molly is enjoying her mid years of life, but still has lots of excitement in her. She has the cutest happy dance that I have ever seen and does it every single time you walk into her home. She also knows how to use those adorable big brown eyes to get you to give her an extra treat when you do come in the house!

Molly loves going on walks around the neighborhood as they give her a chance to get away from her cat sisters that love to pounce on her and play with her….even when she’s trying to sleep! Molly knows no stranger and loves to stop and get attention from those passing by when she’s out on her walks.

We love having Molly as part of our Everyday Helper family!

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