The hardest part of cleaning is often just starting. It’s hard to get your stuff together and start working. It’s easy to put it off for a few hours or even until tomorrow.

One way to help you get yourself going when it comes to cleaning is to put together a cleaning caddy. This is a collection of all your cleaning supplies and cleaning towels, so you can just grab your caddy and get to work.

Having a cleaning caddy makes it easier to just get started working. You don’t have to take the time to scour your house for the right cleaning products and the sponges and towels you will need to clean with. If you have it all ready in one location, it makes it easier to just start. Check out the steps below to putting together your very own cleaning caddy.

How to Put Together a Cleaning Caddy

  1. The Caddy — The first part of a cleaning caddy is the finding the caddy itself. The best way to handle this is to have a cleaning bucket of some sort. This will do double duty for you because it can hold all your cleaning supplies, but you can always take them out and use the bucket for cleaning itself if necessary.
  2. The Cleaning Supplies — Next you will want to load up your caddy with your favorite cleaning supplies. It is important to have all the supplies you will need for every area of your house, so you can carry it with you as you move from room to room. You should consider having a general cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, a window cleaner and a dusting spray of some kind.
  3. The Towels and Sponges – Finally, you will want to make sure you have enough rags, towels, and sponges to use for cleaning and dusting. It’s nice to have separate cleaning towels, so you know you have them when you need them. You can also add some scrub brushes to your caddy if that is something you use to clean.

Where to Store Your Cleaning Caddy

Having a cleaning caddy is all about making cleaning quicker and easier for you, so it’s important to store your cleaning caddy in the right place. Some people like to store their cleaning supplies in a closet, other people like to store them under their kitchen sink.

The best place to store your cleaning supplies is near where you will actually need to use them. For example, it’s nice to have cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink, so you have them right there to start cleaning right away.

Ultimately, you have to choose a spot that’s best for you, but you should think about storing your cleaning caddy in a place near where you will start your cleaning. That way it will be easily accessible, and you will be able to do a cleanup really quickly.

We hope you use these tips to make your own cleaning caddy, and we hope this will make your cleaning experience a little easier. Remember, you can always call Everyday Helper if you want some extra help cleaning up around your home!

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