We offer assistance to a wide variety of clients, from busy single professionals, to those just starting a family, to those who are empty nesters, to those in their retirement years. We love that no two of our clients are the same, and neither are their needs and wants.

If you’re in your retirement years, or if you’re finding yourself as an empty nester with a big empty home and are looking to downsize, we can help!

Lately we have been helping many clients in the process of downsizing their homes in preparation to moving into a home that fits their current phase of life needs and wants. We know though that this is no easy task, and that it’s often hard to leave the home that you raised your family in. And it is hard to sell or donate the items that you’ve carried with you for years but no longer really need to hang on to.

The downsizing process can be a bit easier if you have someone there to help you with it. Our team of helpers are able to come in to your home and work alongside you and help you as you navigate through your possessions in preparation to move. We can help pack up the items that you are taking with you and we can pack up the items you would like to sell or donate. We cane even help you sell the items you would like to get rid of.

Once that phase of the moving process is done, we can then take care of giving your home one final deep cleaning before it’s new owners move in and make a life of their own in your former space. We can also head over to your new place and help you with the unpacking and organizing of the items you have moved with you! We can also help give your new place a deep and thorough cleaning before you move in so that you really can start fresh on the next chapter of your life!

Downsizing and moving is a bittersweet process. It’s not easy downsizing your possessions or leaving a home that you have so many memories from. But, it can also be refreshing to move on to new adventures, to have less items to be tied down with, and to be able to make new memories! No matter what your reasons are for downsizing, we would love to help you make the process and transition a smoother one! Visit our website at www.youreverydayhelper.com for more information or call 319-400-1853 to discuss how we can help!

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