In Last Wednesday’s blog I talked about how our errand running service is the service that started it all. This week’s blog will be about who we can help through our services.

Seniors: Our errand running services are a great way to help your loved one remain in their own home longer! We can pick up medications, grocery shop and deliver, take care of personal banking or whatever else you may be interested in. Letting us help is a great way to keep your loved one safe and in their own home.

Busy Parents: Do you have young children who make it hard to get anything done? Instead of hassling with rounding the kids up, keeping the kids entertained while out and about, and not being able to focus on the errands needing done, we can assist you with your to-do list so you have one less thing to worry about.

Workaholics: Do you feel like you live at work? Or do you work long hours and then go home to a family and many commitments that take up your free time? Why spend the few free minutes you have running errands when you could call us instead.

Homebound: Do you have limited mobility? Or a health condition that makes it hard to leave the house? Whether you have a short term or a long term illness, don’t stress. We’ll take care of the errands for you.

Local Businesses: Being a business owner is not an easy task with so much needing your attention and time. We’ll help you with banking, mailing and shipping, picking up office supplies, or any other errands that will help you accomplish your to-do list.

If there are not enough hours in the day and your to-do list needs a to-do list, let us help! We’re happy to talk about how we can assist you with whatever errands you may need ran. We offer one time or regularly scheduled service.

Want to know more about what errands we can run for you? Check back for next week’s blog or give us a call at 319-400-1853 or send us an email at youreverydayhelper@gmail.com and let’s talk!

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