When I first started Everyday Helper the main goal of the business was to provide errand running services to the corridor area. This was the idea and the service that started the whole business. And with that, it’s no surprise that then the business slogan is “Leave the errands to us!” This month’s Wednesday blog series will be about the errand running services we offer….what types of errands we run, who we run errands for, and more!

A question I am often asked when others read our slogan is “How did you come up with that idea for a business?”

Well, there are a few parts to that answer.

First being that a few years ago I worked for Hy-Vee in the sales and catering department and I would shop and deliver many grocery orders for customers in the area. As I learned more about our regular customers I realized that there was a need for errand running services in the area. Seniors, busy parents, those with illnesses and so many others could benefit from a little extra help completing their to-do lists. After looking for such services in the area, I realized that there really weren’t many options and so the idea to start an errand running business stuck in my mind.

The second reason for starting an errand running business is because once I realized there was a need for such services as well as not many options in the area; I saw that as an opportunity to bring something new and different to the area. The creative side of me wanted to start something new; something that I could really create and grow and make my own. The business side of me wanted to find an endeavor that would be successful; an endeavor that wouldn’t be in an already saturated market. It just so happened that an errand running business fit both of those sides and so I decided to make it a reality. From there the rest is history!

Although this was the service that started the whole business, I have been so busy in recent months growing and expanding the business into companion care, pet sitting/walking, yard care, party planning and more to the point that I don’t focus on errand running as much as I’d like. So this month’s Wednesday blog series will be all about our errand running services! Want to know what type of errands we will run and what our general costs are? Check back next week to find out or sign up to have our blogs sent to you via email!

Need some help with your errand to-do list? Give us a call at 319-400-1853 or send us an email at youreverydayhelper@gmail.com. We’d love to help!



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