Growing up, I didn’t live in a house that had a pantry. We had a good amount of cupboard space, but there wasn’t room in the kitchen to have a real pantry, so when I finally moved into a house that had a dedicated pantry, it was an exciting moment.

Then, it quickly became a messy, organizational nightmare. I still loved the pantry, but it was quite clear that I needed to take some steps to organize it. Below, I have some ideas for how you can organize your pantry. Check them out!

Ideas for Organizing Your Pantry

1. Split Your Pantry into Zones – One key part of your pantry organization is having dedicated zones for your different types of food. However, you have to come up with the type of zones you need based on the food you have. For example, you will probably want a zone for canned goods or a zone for baking ingredients. Some people like to have “dinner” zones for all the food they will be cooking for that meal time. Come up with a system of zones that works with your life.

2. Make Use of the Back of Your Pantry Door – Your pantry door is a great place to hand a spice rack or to put seasoning packet or other small items. By using the pantry door, you can add some storage to what was otherwise wasted space.

3. Buy Clear Stackable Containers – You don’t have to invest in new containers to have an organized pantry, but if you’re willing, it could make a big difference for you. One big reason to invest in clear containers is they tell you at a glance if you need to buy more. Then you don’t run into the problem of thinking you have enough of certain ingredients only to find you’ve run out completely. Stackable containers are a great option too because they allow you to make the most of all your space between shelves. They can also help you easily put your pantry into zones. With these clear, stackable containers, however, you will want to be sure that you label them, so you don’t confuse your different products.

4. Add a Peg Board to Your Pantry Space – A peg board is a great option to help you add some more storage in a place where you don’t already have shelving. You can put a peg board in even a small space in your pantry. From it, you can hang cooking tools and utensils and even pots and pans.

Those ideas should help you get your pantry organized, but the key for keeping it organized is to simply take five minutes or less everyday to make sure it is tidy. Sometimes, if we are in a hurry, we can just throw things back in without making sure they are in the right spot. If you simply take five minutes each day to tidy up, it will ensure your pantry stays organized.

Having a pantry in your home is awesome, but if it ends up messy it can be more of a headache than anything. Use the ideas above to help you get your pantry organization on, and let us know how it goes!

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