Did you know that one of the services Everyday Helper offers is companion care? If you are looking for assistance for yourself or for a loved one, we can help!

Companion care provides assistance to help individuals live independent lives in their own homes longer. At Everyday Helper we offer a variety of companion care services to fit every lifestyle.

We can provide just that, companionship, with your loved ones and spend time doing what they enjoy! Whether that is going to a local coffee shop, grabbing a tasty treat like ice cream, going to watch a movie, working on a puzzle, enjoying a walk outside, playing a card game, cooking a recipe, doing arts and craft projects, or whatever else they enjoy, we are happy to partake in as well.

Companion care through Everyday Helper also means assisting your loved ones in outings such as to the grocery store, a department store, or wherever else they need or want to go but require some additional assistance. We are also happy to run errands for you. We can pickoriginal-logos_2015_Jul_1041-6647042 up prescriptions, shop and deliver groceries, and run any errands needed!

We also provide care to help your loved ones with the tasks that they find difficult but yet need to complete to say living in their home longer. Whether that is help with managing bills, scheduling doctor appointments, or whatever else they might require additional assistance with, we are happy to help!

Companion care is my favorite service that Everyday Helper provides, and is near and dear to my heart. This is really the service that sparked the idea for this business. 2015 was a roller coaster of a year for my family when it came to the health and care of both of my own grandmothers.

One grandmother had been in and out of the hospital and care centers as she struggled with failing health and required more and more assistance to complete everyday tasks. I recall a conversation I had with her a few months before her passing in May of 2015 when she told me “If only there were more darn affordable services available, I wouldn’t have to be cooped up in these buildings.” Those words stuck with me and aided in me starting Everyday Helper. I think she would be proud of me and the work I am doing today!

During the same time, May 2015, my other grandmother fell and ended up having a hip replacement surgery. Due to many other health conditions, following her operation and extended hospital stay she had to move temporarily to a nursing home before being able to return home. My grandma has lived on her own for 20+ years, and now it is more challenging than ever for her. Thankfully my family has always been very close and we are able to provide her with the assistance needed. Due to her limited mobility she struggles with the simple tasks such as taking out the trash, tidying up her house, preparing meals, and so forth. She is a very independent woman, it is not easy for her to rely on others to help her out, but doing so is a much better solution to keep her in her own home longer.

You see, my own life experiences are really the core foundation of building Everyday Helper. I started this business because I wanted to help others, and I wanted to make a difference. As my grandmother said, there simply aren’t enough services available to provide extra assistance to keep our loved ones in their own homes longer and families aren’t always able to provide enough assistance. That’s where we come in at Everyday Helper. We’re here to help you and your loved ones and will provide nothing but the best service possible.

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