It’s December, the busiest time of the year for many. And for many that means weekend traveling to visit friends and family. Or maybe even a week or longer away to take a vacation. Whatever the occasion, don’t forget to have your house checked on while you’re away! Here’s my top 3 reasons for doing so:

Theft and house break-ins are more common this month:

Do you have a Christmas tree up? Is your tree in front of a window? Does it have gifts under it? If you answered yes to those questions then you are more likely to be targeted for a break in and theft this month. Your house is considered a jackpot for thieves, and they’ll be sure to keep an eye on your house.christmas-tree

By allowing us to make daily visits to your house, we can help make it look less noticeable that you’re away. We’ll close and open the curtains, turn different lights on and off, pick up the newspapers in the driveway, bring the mail in, etc.

My biggest tip for travelers this season is to leave more than just your front porch or driveway lights on at night! You may think that it is protecting your house, but really it is making it more of a target as it’s more noticeable that no one is around! Leave a hallway light or a bedroom lamp on too!

(And don’t forget to keep that real Christmas tree watered too!!)


Colder weather is hard on houses:

Here in Iowa it’s getting colder out now and the cold weather doesn’t just take it’s toll on us, it effects your house as well. When you’re traveling this month you’ll likely not have your heat set as high in your house, but don’t set it so low that it doesn’t run!

It’s important to protect your pipes from freezing in the cold weather. Not only should you leave your heat set so that it will still somewhat run while you’re away, but you should also have your faucets turned on and toilets ran at least every few days to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Nothing kills a wonderful time away more than coming home to a house that’s flooded or frozen!


Are you prepared for it to snow?

We do live in Iowa and the weather can be unpredictable! While you’re planning and preparing for your time away you may not consider whether or not it will snow while you’re away. But, you should!snow

Did you know that most towns have a 48 hour snow removal policy where if you don’t have your sidewalks cleared within that time frame you will be fined?

And what about pedestrians? Or do you live on a bus route? Keep in mind those who are out walking pets or walking to the bus stop. You wouldn’t want someone to fall on your sidewalks because they are covered in snow or ice because then you will be responsible.


Protect yourself, your family, and your home this holiday season and let us check on your house for you while you’re away! We’ll give you peace of mind so that you can truly enjoy your time away! We will even take care of your snow removal so that you have one less thing to coordinate while preparing to travel!